A tribute to lawyer Miti Gojkovic (PHOTO) Serbia


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November 15, 2018 20:52 |

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The exhibition on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the famous Novi Sad office is exhibited at the Rajko Mamuzić Art Gallery in Novi Sad

In the exhibition space of the Fine Arts Gallery, a gift from the collection of Rajko Mamuzić, opposite the famous lawyer's office of the Gojković family, opens on Thursday evening with an exhibition entitled "Advokat".

The subject is a kind of tribute to the profession of a lawyer of the 20th century in Wojwodin through the story of a lawyer Mita Gojković and his colleagues Stevan Rančević and Tomis Milica, doctors from Novi Sad, Vojvodina and Yugoslavia.

The profession of "advocate" in the Gojković family has been going on for 60 years, Gojković's office was founded by Mita Gojković, whose strongest support was Savka's wife. The lawyers' path was continued by their children, Dragan and Maya, and now by Dragan's son Srdjan.

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Apparently excited, in the presence of mother Savka, brother Dragan and his family, the Serbian parliament speaker, Maja Gojkovic, said that this exhibition is actually the story of the lawyer's big names at a time when ethics, knowledge and the fate of lawyers were in the first place.

"It was a time without cell phones and computers, when there were no big and small issues for lawyers." During this time, advocacy has set high standards and has become the epitome of an honorable profession – said the opening of the Gojkovic exhibition.


MITA Gojković, a lawyer, was involved and worked successfully in the event of damage over the decades, and thus the inhabitants of Miloševo were called the nickname "Mito Damage" and his colleagues were considered a great lawyer.


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