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Can they understand their calculations: Wall Street Market in New York

Stocks on Wall Street and in Europe are now mostly on the upside, while Asian stock exchanges have negative results.

In the afternoon, the British FTSE 100 index increased by 0.5%, the French KAK 40 by 0.3%, and the German DAKS by 0.2%, according to the AP agency.

On Wall Street, the S & P 500 index increased by two points, or 0.1 percent, to 2725 points, industrial Dau Jones by 91 points, or 0.4 percent to 25,362 points, while only technological Nasdak fell by 57 points, or 0, 8% to 7 299 points.

Technology companies are still struggling with problems, and Apple's shares have dropped by 2.8% to USD 201.68.

Apple's shares fell on Friday the biggest drop in nearly five years, after the company provided poor revenue estimates for the fourth quarter and announced that it would stop publishing quarterly figures on the number of iPads sold.

By comparison, the Berkshire Hatavey investment fund, owned by billionaire Warren Buffett, dropped 4.7 percent to $ 216.29 after the conglomerate announced a four times higher profit in the third quarter because it jumped on the value of its investments.

The dollar fell to 113.15 yen from 113.28 yen from Friday, the euro jumped to 1.1399 $ from 1.1398 $, and the pound to 1.3031 from $ 1.2963.

In Asia, the Japanese Nikei index fell 1.5 percent, Kiosks of South Korea by 0.9 percent, and Hang Seng by 2.1 percent.

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