Criminals Bring Health-Hazardous Vaccines to Markets! READ IN THE COURIER


The coronavirus pandemic has also given criminal groups an opportunity to monetize people’s fears at a time when drugs were in the hope. It is terribly dangerous, we hope that it will not happen in our country and that something like this will not happen – said Pavle Zelic from the Serbian Medicines and Medical Devices Agency (ALIMS) on the program “Usijanje” on Kurir TV.

After announcing that two coronavirus vaccines, “Pfizer” and “Sputnik V”, would be available on the Serbian market by the end of the year, the international police organization Interpol warned all its members, including Serbia, that criminals could try to sell fake vaccines that can be life-threatening!

Read in today’s Kurir what criminologists think about this dangerous intent, how the mafia will try to bring fake vaccines to the market, and how to spot these deadly offers.

Jelena Pronić

photo. Courier

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