Energy companies make profits at Volstritt


Can they understand their calculations: Wall Street Market in New York

Actions on Volstritt and on European stock exchanges now show a jump in value, and the same situation is with the dollar and the euro.

The leading European indices are mostly positive, and the German DAKS increased by 0.1%, the London FTSE by 0.3%, while the French KAK recorded fewer changes, reports AP.

The shares of energy companies dominated with the increase in prices for Volstritt, removing some of the losses recorded the day before.

The S & P 500 index increased by 13 points or by 0.5 percent to 2735 points, Industrial Dau Jones by 107 points or 0.4 percent to 25394 points, and the Nasdaq Technological by 31 points or by 0.4 percent to 7 232 points.

The revival of oil prices helped increase the value of shares in energy companies.

The US "light" oil price (WTI) rose today by 1.6 percent to 56.59 barrels in New York and the North Sea "Brent" by 1.9 percent to $ 66.73 per barrel in London.

The dollar rose to 113.92 yen from yesterday's 113.86 yen, and the euro to 1.1316 dollars at 1.1268 dollars.

In Asia, the Nikei Japan index increased by 0.2%, Kospi South Korea fell by 0.2%, and Hang Seng Hang by 0.5%.

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