Kosovo's fight for UNESCO's accession: former Ambassador Tanaskovic, Pristina, recognizes more chances of telegraphic


Asked whether the epilogue could affect Unesco in Interpol, Tanaskovic said it could stimulate or expel Pristina and its sponsors


Serbia's former Ambassador to UNESCO Darko Tanaskovic says that the international community was the basis of a understanding that did not exist in 2015 when Pristina was to join. Asked if Epilogy could affect Unesco in the Interpol case, Tanaskovic said that he could stimulate or deter Pristina and its sponsor.

Diplomatic struggle against Belgrade's entry into Belgrade's international organizations. The first is in line with Interpol, but may again ask for membership of UNESCO next year – despite the fact that Kosovo did not get the required two-thirds majority in 2015 and pre-empted its candidacy in 2017.

Former UN Ambassador Darko Tanasković told RTS that he would probably come to it.

"Probably, despite the withdrawal of the application last year, because it is estimated that they do not have much chance. Still, the 2015s, even though they did not vote, said they would choose the first option. It is realistic to be better prepared for next year and submit this request, "said Tanaskovic.

Asked if Epilogy could affect Unesco in the Interpol case, Tanaskovic said that he could stimulate or deter Pristina and its sponsor.

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Tanaskovic pointed out that this was the feeling "you certainly would not have done" if you are about to join Unekso now.

He states that Pristina is not in a position to omit the Executive Council and to include the direct reception issue on the agenda of the General Assembly, as some media outlined.

– Not possible. The logic was because this point was already the topic of 2015 that there was no need to re-check the Executive Council, but this is impossible because once it fails, it will be terminated at the General Conference by a non-positive vote and the same otherwise – Tanaskovic explained.

When Tanaskovic decided to withdraw the Serbian ambassador's UNESCO position, it is noted in a newspaper that Pristina will be able to breathe. Tanaskovic points out that the struggle continues in favorable circumstances because now the basis for understanding the international community has been established.

– In 2015, there was a misunderstanding in the international community, apart from some clearly behind Kosovo. Today, this is a possible agenda pointing to the attention of all UNESCO countries, and with the behavior of Pristina, it has been shown what the situation would be for the entire organization if Kosovo were a member, Tanasković advised.

When is he coming Serbian legacy in KiM, Tanaskovic said that Pristina systematically puts pressure on the Serbs to make life unbearable.

When entering Unekso, Priština, as Tanaskovic adds, receives instruments that preserve the monument. He fears that Pristina will use these instincts to maintain constant pressure and influence the functioning of religious communities.

(Telegraf.rs / RTS)

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