LAZIĆI RULES FOR STAYING: Dark parents are selling their home in Brestac! OTHER WITHOUT MONEY. Stars


LAZIĆI RULES FOR STAYING: Dark parents are selling their home in Brestac! OTHER WITHOUT MONEY

Photo: Kurir, Dragana Udovičić

Parents Darko Lazic, mother of Branka and father Milan, are still worried about their son's health, who is in a serious accident at the hospital in Zemun, where he will receive another surgery next week.

For them, the recovery of the older heir is so important that, if necessary, he will also sell the house in Brestac, in which the singer allegedly invested 300,000 euros.

photo: Damir Dervišagić

– Dark parents are grateful to all people who want to help their son in any way. They do not want anyone to burden and sit barefoot because he knows that treatment is expensive, and Darko will not be able to work in the coming months, so they decided to advertise their property in Brestac. Their health is the most important to them and they will sell everything to regain their health completely. In addition, they are modest and have no savings, so currently there are not many possibilities – says our source.

Photo: Marina Lopičić

He says that Branka and Milan are aware that they will not be able to sell their homes for as much money as they are invested, but they do not even want to borrow from people.
– Fortunately, the rebirth of Dark & ​​# 39; s goes for the better. The singer responds well to all therapies and is aware of everything, communicates with his mother and father. It is clear to him that he has a big problem and gave his parents permission to do whatever they deem necessary, only to recover and stand up. Branka and Milan have not told him yet that they plan to sell the house because they do not want to disturb him. Of course, he will not even sell his budget because it is made of high quality and a lot of money has been invested in it "- says our interlocutor.

Recalling, Darko began building this property when he married his friend Anne Sevic to create it. However, the singer did not want to live in Brestac, and Darko, to keep his room at home, bought a luxury house in Kosutnjak, where they lived. After the divorce, he left the apartment and returned to his place of birth, and Ana was still living with her daughter. On the other hand, Darko & # 39; s Actual Choir Marina Gagic loves Brestac and there is no problem with Dark, where is the family nest.
We tried to contact the family, but they did not answer our phones.

300,000 Euro invested Darko in real estate
10,000 it is the price of its implementation
27 The year is full

Kuma takes care of Darko
Andreana Cekic offered help

Kuma Darka Lazic, singer Andreana Cekic, one of the first people who offered financial help to the Dark family. He has an unbroken relationship with the singer's parents and is informed of her condition and is admitted to the hospital whenever he allows it.

photo: Marina Lopičić, Damir Dervišagić, Kurir

Marija Dejanović / Photo Kurir



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