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LIVE: Djokovic – Zverev 6: 4, 1: 0 | Tennis

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November 14, 2018 at 2:30 pm> 15:55 |

Leading player Novak Djokovic in the second round of the group "Gustavo Kuerten" in the Final Master in London plays against Alexander Zverev

The top player Novak Djokovic plays against Alexander Zverev in the second round of Gustavo Kuerten at the Final Master in London.

In the first round Novak defeated John Izner without many attempts, and after losing in Paris he won, Zverev was better than Marina Cilic. With 6: 4, 6: 3, Djokovic completed the entire contract with Izner in an hour and fifteen minutes, and almost at the same time the first hundred Germans and Croats took place. In the end Sasha was more specific, who won 7: 6, 7: 6, so victory in the second round and Serbian and German meant going to the semi-final.

So far, Djokovic and Zverev played two matches, and the score 1: 1. The German managed to beat him in the Champions finals in Rome. Novak returned to Shanghai a month ago.

You can follow the match text between Djokovic and Zverev on the "Novosti" site.


1: 0 Zverev took the first point of Djokovic, but the Serbs got another two. He made the German equal to 30:30, but Novak after the first hour, and then the services of the winner got a jewel.


1: 0 Djokovic wins the first game, harder than at the beginning, when Novak was 30: 0. Zverev won the next two points, and then the best player in the world is still in the starting lineup.

1: 1 Zverev easily gets into his first game. Novak has not yet found his usual ritual, so the German maintains the connection at the start.

2: 1 Zverev attacks and enters the net in the first three games. It almost brought him the first point in the service of Đoković. Instead, the Serbian player struck several times, which is parallel, depending on the diagonal and the game, in which Zverev received only one point after the double error service.

2: 2 Djokovic had a good chance of a break. Serbs arrived in the German service until 0:30, but that's all. Zverev wins another four points and a jewel.

3: 2 Djokovic is still safe in service and without major problems, although he lost the first point, is a new advantage.

3: 3 The beast does not give up the service. The young German is obviously well prepared for Djokovica and shows a much better game than in the last match.

4: 3 New good service for Đoković and a new advantage in the first set. There is still no break.

4: 4 The jewel of Zwierta is like a map. Germany is doing the same for Novak, who still has no recognizable ritual.

5: 4 Novak fought, saved two breaks of the ball. Zverev is far better than Djokovic so far, but the question is how many consequences will leave unused breakpoints that could have been set by bullets. Zverev is used to stay in the plan.

6: 4 Djokovic wins the first set. He used the fall of Novak in the Germans' match and made a breakthrough at a crucial moment. The beast took a break with a double mistake and set Serbia.

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