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Magnetic energy is more dangerous to Earth than a comet hit

Scientists warn that the Earth is facing a disaster – its shield is weakened and magnetic poles damaged.

The Earth has a natural shield that protects it from solar eruptions, called the magnetosphere. However, the Earth's poles are in constant motion, which in turn weakens the planet's natural shield.

Solar storms occur when magnetic energy accumulates in the sun and then falls. When a storm is "released", magnetic energy can "shoot" towards Earth with electrons traveling at millions of miles per hour.

Scientists believe that people are "drastically unprepared" for solar storms that occur once every 11 years, and less often on Earth.

Joseph Pelton, a former dean at the International University of Space, wrote in a Rum article that "in the last half-century the world has finally learned that a large asteroid or comet impact can cause chaos and collapse on a planetary scale."

However, most people still do not understand that a much greater danger lurks because of "disabling the Earth's grid, i.e. from the destruction of key satellite communications, navigation and defense systems."

"It's time for managers of our space agencies to think about what technologies they can develop to save Earth and human species," he said.

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