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"Stalkers expect them to go unpunished"

Another woman was apparently killed by unrequited love, and a man suspected of a crime was found next to her.

Source: B92

Photo: artem_furman / depositphotos

Photo: artem_furman / depositphotos

  • 18 women killed since the beginning of the year
  • 7 assassination attempts, one at the beginning of 2019.
  • She was the youngest victim for 30 years
  • At 83, she had the oldest victim
  • every third killer commits suicide
  • every fifth killer tried to commit suicide
  • one third reported violence
  • more than half of the women killed in the house where they lived with the killer

* (Data of the Autonomous Women's Center)

It's in the Kote Jue district of Belgrade the young man shot his girlfriend. The woman is about 30 years old, and the first information indicates that the man shot the girl in the head and then shot himself. He is in a critical condition and has been the 19th victim of violence since the beginning of the year, according to data from the Autonomous Women's Center in Serbia.

Psychologist B92, Radmila Vuli Bojovi, claims that the growing increase in violence and extreme forms (such as almost daily killings in the family and in a relationship) suggests that the frustration tolerance threshold is extremely low and that people (especially men) are not focusing on looking after other people and the needs (and life) of the other person.

"The ubiquitous increase in violence and extreme forms also shows that we are a society in which the individual sees himself as a measure of all things, that we are prone to fatalism (if it is not what I want, it will not be), that we are mature and sufficient mature to act as responsible adults, "said B92.

He adds that every time you treat your child like a prince or princess, when you subordinate him to everything and his demands and (most deluded) needs, when as a parent you do not expose him to the slightest condemnation and / or prohibition, when "you read his wish with oiju ", think about how much you prepare for real life.

"Think about how you prepare him for real situations, in which he is neither the only, nor the best, nor the main, but instructs him to take into account all the needs and desires of others," said Vuli Bojovieva.

Data from the "Autonomous Women's Center" in Serbia show that 18 murders have been reported since the beginning of the year, and in three cases it is still determined whether this is a murder, as reported by media officials.

Seven assassination attempts have also been reported, and two cases remain unresolved and an investigation is ongoing. The victims were mainly victims of domestic violence, the youngest being 30 years old and the oldest being 83.

Photo: sdecoret / depositphotos

Photo: sdecoret / depositphotos

Everything comes from home

Unfortunately, not only violence against women is committed in our society. In recent days we have been observing a growing number of perpetrators of violence. Police arrested M. D. (19), J. D. (18) and two minors suspected of killing B. M. (18) in Novi Kneevac, and a few days ago two girls mistreated their friend.

Wuli Bojovieva notes that peer violence is one of the manifestations of violence in society and among people, and that the impression that it is growing and swinging is not really misleading.

"It is as if all boundaries have been shifted and all barriers between what is forbidden and admissible, unjust and desirable, bad and good are removed. I think that not so many children and / or young people who use violence against others do not know that it is doing it wrong – they know it, but rather expect that they will go unpunished, that they will abuse their power and get a little privilege or they will have a better position in the peer group, "she said. He explains that the source of everything, and even the return of violence, is the lack of empathy, compassion and compassion for others (especially the weak and sensitive), which are the qualities and virtues acquired in the family and brought up from an early age. "So when you have a teenager who is cruel to a peer who beats him or otherwise threatens him (let's not forget about dismissal, humiliation, exclusion, embarrassment, humiliation), you can reasonably assume that he does not do it the first time, but that the reaction of parents, educators, teachers and the whole society was not sufficient in the past, so the young man did not receive a clear and unequivocal message that such behavior is prohibited and unacceptable "- emphasized Vuli Bojovieva. He says the problem is that violence is relativized, minimized, negated, justified and not called by its real name, and thus grows and corrodes, moving to all younger categories.

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