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The misunderstanding with Ben and Gajic was dropped because of Stojkovic

Milojevic: Misunderstanding with Ben, and Gajic was eliminated because of Stojkovic

Disappointment in the eternal derby and collision with Vozdovac, the "trambolin" that brought the Red Star back to the winning track. He directed this return El Fardu Ben, over the past year and a half, one of the key players in the white and red machines, who, however, this summer did not get a license for group games in the Champions League, because Bogdan's anger was just waiting to formalize the Al Wahd transfer from the United Arab Emirates.

The footballer from Comoros after the match with Vozdovac did not hide his anger because he was excluded from the list of elite European players, but Vladan Milojevic recalls that he did not have much choice in the situation he was in a few days before sending the letter to Uef. He talked about all this Benom.
"We talked about it and I can say it was a misunderstanding. We couldn't say they wouldn't complete the transfer, some things can't be reacted to. Ben loves the Star, he was significant to us all the time, but there are other players who don't have a license. I'm glad everyone has passion. But that's what happened, it's a topic with no subject. It was the moment, we had a deadline to submit the application … Milan Gajic was not licensed because Filip Stojkovic left at the last moment as a player who dropped out in our school", Shrugs Milojević at a press conference before the match with the Sword in the 10th round of the Superliga.

Let's return to the very reason of addressing the media.
"The sword is currently our most important match. They don't deserve this position now, they should have more points. They have restored Dragan Anicic to the position of coach, they do not change much composition, they play hard and discipline"He speaks respectfully Milojević about Saturday rival.

The fact is, however, that the Star is wondering. And so it is Milojević again before the election. Four foreigners from the Superliga can take part in the match. The four must be off the record. And it seems so Mateo Garcia I've already seen it in the stands.
"It's much better, we need to see if we need to take risks. Everything is going in the right direction … For the first time I am in a situation where I have an excess of foreigners. It is not easy, but we take all the parameters of both our and the opponent, as well as the player's load. They have to be in a competitive form … Sometimes you guess, sometimes you don't, I hope to hit now"He says Milojević.

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