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We should be ashamed


Covic is very angry: we should be ashamed

Red Star players do not want to justify a desperate game against the Primorje region with improved statements about how the disaster happened at the right time. At least some of them. The red-and-white quarterback Filip Covic was very disappointed after dropping out of the Adriatic League Super Cup.

Asked what his impressions are, he has a ready answer.
"And what an impression this could be after such a game, really. There were better guys in all segments of the game, they fought, they deserved to win, they really beat us. We looked really bad, to be honest, I should be ashamed of such a game! We've come to the game we've won before without playing a minute of the game, " says Filip Covic for MOZZART Sport.

The experienced game organizer agreed with coach Tomic that Zvezda had poor access.
"It was a problem from the first second of the game. Come on, the initial minutes were not, but then there was everything, I can freely say every segment and every part of the game was bad. This approach is most important in such games. "

Is this a good lesson?
"Some slap what they would say … Well, there is nothing we have to devour what is being said and put us like that … That this game hit us hard on the ground. And of course we should train harder now. "

This game can connect you as a team to achieve consistency?
"If not, then we have nothing … We have not drawn any conclusions from the game" said Covic.

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