Thursday , January 28 2021

8 new cases of Covid-19 in Singapore; 7 imported and 1 community, Singapore News and Highlights

SINGAPORE – Eight new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed for Sunday noon (November 29), bringing a total of 58,213 cases in Singapore.

There were seven imported cases that were included in the home stay notices upon arrival in Singapore.

Sunday’s data also includes one social case, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said.

The ministry said from investigations to date that the case concerns a migrant worker living in the community and was discovered during community surveillance tests of stalls in and around the Tekka Center on Thursday (November 26).

“The serological test is positive, indicating a likely past infection,” MOH said.

We’ll share more details on Sunday evening.

On Saturday, MOH said a 68-year-old man who had a history of high blood pressure and heart disease had died from complications caused by Covid-19.

The Singaporean is the 29th patient to die here from the virus, while the 15 who tested positive have died from other causes.

He left for Indonesia on March 10 for work and returned to Singapore on November 17 after suffering from shortness of breath on November 11. Upon arriving here, he was admitted to the hospital.

The man was confirmed to be infected with Covid-19 on November 18 and died on Friday.

The cause of death was ischemic heart disease from Covid-19, MOH reported Saturday.

The National University Hospital has approached the man’s family and is helping them.

The last patient to die here from complications with Covid-19 was a 64-year-old man, MOH reported on October 12. On October 4, he was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

Six new cases of coronavirus were announced on Saturday by MOH, including a case reported locally.

A local case is a 60-year-old Singaporean woman who sells mutton with a coworker at a stall at Tekka Market.

She lives at 22 Yishun Street with her husband, who has been working at the Mustafa Center for several years. He regularly visits his children who live at 13 Bishan Street and 86 Tampines Street.

She was asymptomatic and was detected during MOH observation tests near the Tekka Center on Thursday.

MOH said all her identified close contacts, including her family members and associates, had been isolated and quarantined.

They will be tested at the beginning and end of the quarantine period to detect any asymptomatic cases.

The department will also conduct serological tests on the woman’s household and family contacts to determine if she may have been infected by them.

The other five new cases announced on Saturday were imported and included in the home stay notices upon arrival in Singapore.

There were no new cases from workers’ dormitories on Saturday, MOH said.

Of the eight cases listed on Saturday, 58,199 patients fully recovered from the disease in Singapore.

On Saturday, a total of 32 patients remained in the hospital, and 25 were convalescing in social centers.

Globally, the virus epidemic that began last December has infected more than 62.2 million people. Over 1.45 million people died.

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