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CNN and Donald Trump, the eldest son, have raised a debate on Twitter trying to place a commercial on the network, encouraging viewers to vote for Republicans in mid-term elections.

In a statement, CNN said it rejected the Trump campaign's advertisement, which forced people to the Republican because of the alleged risk of migrants to the United States. "If we had the opportunity to pay for the ad version, we were disapproved," said AT & T's cable news network. "CNN has made it very clear that this ad is racist."

Donald Trump Jr. earlier on Saturday accused CNN of refusing to conduct commercial traffic.

The Trump campaign maneuver has many commercials. Many entrepreneurs and marketing organizations often send advertisements that are too extreme or partially in mainstream media, and claim that advertisements have been rejected for media attention. Often, ads may never be able to use a broad-based media library. The method is often highlighted in Super Bowl when marketers who can not afford the price of advertising or who have never wanted to advertise to the general television audience claim that their ad is served by CBS, NBC or Fox to to get free publicity.

The management of CNN and Trump often seemed controversial, and the president used the logo of the cable news in the so-called media-media themes that the press had violated. However, in recent days, Jared Kushner, president's leader and chief advisor participated in a CNN conference in New York. Following the wave of major Democrats and CNN bombings, CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker criticized a statement by the White House on the media's "no serious negligence" in a statement.

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