General Manager of Razer Tan Min-Liang supports his 3.3 million dollars for Malaysian e-sport, sports news and the most important articles


SINGAPORE – Razer is involved in the development of e-sport in the region, said co-founder and Chief Executive of Tan Min-Liang on Facebook on Saturday (3 November).

Tan defended his commitment to invest 10 million RM ($ 3.3 million) in Malaysian eSports, which sparked criticism from Singapore Internet users for not contributing to the local e-sport scene.

Razer CEO's investment commitment came after the Malaysian finance minister Lim Guan Enga on budget 2019, where he announced that the Malaysian government has allocated RM 10 million to the Malaysian digital economy for e-sport.

Mr. Tan said on Friday that it is "an incredibly progressive budget for Malaysia" and expressed his commitment to "bringing e-sport to the next level".

In his post on Facebook, he said that Razer is "probably one of the biggest e-sport supporters in Singapore", noting that the game company sponsored the e-sports Hyperplay, SEA Majors and PVP eSports Championships this year.

Mr. Tan also said that Razer actively supports local e-sport athletes such as Ho Kun Xian, a professional Street Fighter player.

Razer has hundreds of employees in Singapore, some of whom have been hired specifically for e-sports, he said, adding that Razer will continue to invest in e-sport in Singapore and the rest of the world.

"My investment in Malaysian e-sport is a good thing for the whole community, and Singaporeans should be happy that the whole region will develop in e-sports," he wrote.


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