Monday , November 30 2020

JJ Lin Bends He Is The First In Asia To Lay His Hands On PS5, To The Envy Of Everyone Else

Being the award-winning Mandopop superstar certainly has its perks.

Singaporean singer and songwriter JJ Lin exhibited his photos on the brand new PlayStation 5 a few weeks before the official launch of the next-gen gaming console.

“He seemed to be the first in Asia to lay hands on PlayStation 5,” he wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday (October 28).

In addition to this unverified claim, the post featured the 39-year-old musician in various poses with Sony’s new giant gaming console, although we don’t really see what’s playing on it.

It is likely that it faces the same embargo guidelines as us media folks who managed to get a hands-on PS5 demo earlier this week. No photos of the back of the console, no gameplay presentation, and no UI images.

However, unlike the rest of us, it seems like JJ can keep the PS5 console at home before it’s available in stores, to the envy of everyone else, especially those who couldn’t even pre-order it due to limited inventory.


JJ is certainly no stranger to sourcing the latest tech gadgets before everyone else – the Singaporean hovered around the iPhone X weeks before the device hit stores in 2017.

As for us Singaporeans who are not world pop stars, we will only buy the PS5 when it arrives here on November 19. In the meantime, stay tuned for our first hands-on PS5 experience as the embargo lifts tomorrow.

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