Monday , January 18 2021

My Little Old Boy confirms that Hong Jin Young will not be on the show for a while

Hong Jin Young will not be on ‘My little old boy‘ awhile.

She and her family went missing in the last episode i SBS Confirmed, “For now, we won’t have anything about Hong Jin Young in “My Little Old Boy.” Consequently, Hong Jin Young, her sister Hong Sun Young, and their mother will not be recording any episodes.

Recently, there have been suspicions that Hong Jin Young’s MA and PhD thesis at Chosun University has been plagiarized. According to an inspection by the plagiarism review site Copy-Killer, 74% of Hong Jin Young’s dissertation was plagiarized. Hong Jin-young’s agency immediately denied the allegations of plagiarism, but the repercussions intensified as a former Chosun University professor revealed that “all of Hong Jin-young’s work was false and 99% plagiarized. In response, Chosun University is reportedly establishing its position on the matter.

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