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Popular Korean YouTuber is boycotting Japan, destroying the plane ticket to pieces at the airport 【Video】

A real anti-Japanese feat or ad feat?

From the end of World War II, relations between Japan and Korea at best they were cold. No matter how many years have passed, such dark spots in history tend to remain in human minds.

Take, for example, the Korean YouTuber Hong Sung Hyuka. Although his channel is generally carefree and consists mainly of talking to beautiful women on the streets, one video recently highlighted its alleged anti-Japanese moods in sharp detail. He drove all the way to the airport to buy air ticket to Japan with a value of 1.35 million won (USD 1150).

▼ But instead of taking the plane, he torn it to pieces.

Hong's message was clear to the viewers: he was boycott Japan. However, despite the video showing that he breaks with a ticket with grim satisfaction, the fact remains that he has already bought it in the economy of Japan.

▼ So he basically helped the country he hates by wasting good money.

▼ He made order from the mess after a real law-abiding citizen.

Considering its obvious error and general direction of the channel, the whole movie looks more like a advertising performance rather than a deliberate message of a boycott of Japan, not to mention the fact that it can potentially counterattack you for a refund. Most viewers, including his own subscribers, managed to view his bluff and not take it too seriously:

"If you want to boycott, do not buy a ticket in the first place".
"That's all to get more subscribers."
"It does not boycott at all."
"You delay all other passengers on board."

Despite everything that has happened, remember that many Koreans do not feel that way, and that Japanese youth now loves everything Korean. Both cultures have incredibly exciting things, like pop culture and food that's over influencing their societiesand avoiding one side is a waste of enjoying the best things in life.

Source: YouTube / Clark TV, Facebook / Hong Sung Hyuk via Hachim Kiko
Images: YouTube / Clark TV

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