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The $ 100 non-stacking rule is designed to benefit as many businesses as possible: STB, consumer news and top stories

SINGAPORE – The decision to prevent the accumulation of SingaporeRediscovers coupons was made to ensure that travel coupons benefit more companies, the Singapore Tourism Board said on Saturday (November 28).

While many welcomed this program, some consumers lament that the $ 100 coupons cannot be combined with family and friends coupons for the same use.

Mr. Terrence Voon, director of Communications and Marketing at STB, said: “The vouchers are designed to support travel businesses that have been severely hit by Covid-19, so we hope Singaporeans will be able to support as many businesses as possible.”

Personal use of coupons also helps prevent fraud and fraud, added Mr. Voon during a preview of the coupon redemption process at Tiong Bahru CC on Saturday (November 28).

Singaporeans aged 18 and over will receive $ 100 SingaporeRediscovers vouchers for local attractions, hotel stays and tours.

They can redeem coupons online from December 1, 2020. Until June 30, 2021. Via five authorized booking partners: Changi Recommendends, GlobalTix, Klook and UOB Travel Planners, Traveloka and

Each coupon is available in denominations of $ 10. Consumers can choose the value of the SingaporeRediscovers Vouchers that they wish to redeem with each purchase.

STB’s Mr. Voon added that consumers who need personal help to take advantage of the SingaporeRediscovers Vouchers don’t have to rush to community centers and clubs (CCs).

From next month, Singaporeans will be able to get help using coupons on 53 CC, each with three dedicated meters, across the island.

A help desk with two to three SingaporeoRediscovers coupon ambassadors will tell you what the program is about and how to use coupons. The other two counters, located in the center or within five minutes of the center, will be served by an authorized booking partner as part of a voucher system.

Booking counters will also be available at select malls and SingPost locations.

It can take up to half an hour to book partner ambassadors to assist customers at checkouts, depending on whether or not consumers have already decided what attractions they want to visit.

The People’s Association will also provide registration or password reset services at these CC points for SingPass as required in the voucher redemption process.

Mr. Voon said, “We only encourage Singaporeans to come to the cultural centers when you really need personal help, and take your time as there is plenty of time to enjoy our tourism experience.”

About 10-15 seniors visited the resort on Saturday morning to learn how to use vouchers when booking attractions. Their reservations were canceled and their coupons were returned to them after the demonstrations.

Ms Chang Ming Wuan, 73, traveled from her home in Dover Crescent to CC to learn about the coupon redemption process.

“The booking process is easy and only takes a few minutes,” said a retired midwife who issued coupons for two canopy park tickets at Jewel Changi Airport in Klook and at the UOB Travel counter in CC.

She hopes to use some of the coupons to book a kelong tour when redemptions open next Tuesday, as it’s been several years since she visited it.

“I will try to use all the coupons because I want to help Singapore travel agencies who were unable to earn money due to Covid-19,” said Madam Chang.

Meanwhile, 63-year-old Lee Kwee Sim previously thought SingaporeRediscovers coupons were physical coupons, but learned on Saturday that they need to be used digitally and that he can use his SingPass account to redeem them.

He will ask family members for help in issuing vouchers once he has decided which attractions to choose.

Mr. Lee, a retiree who previously worked in the shipping industry, said there could be more age-friendly excursions in the attractions under the voucher program.

“Many seniors have difficulty traveling in the area and their family members also need to take time off to accompany them to these attractions, so this is a potential problem,” said Lee, who had a stroke in 2005 and is now moving slower.

The program already includes several initiatives aimed at seniors. Booking partner Changi Recommendends will send roaming vans to Silver Zones or areas with a high population of elderly residents to show them how to use the coupons.

Likewise, GlobalTix is ​​working with Ace Tours to arrange senior-friendly tours with SingaporeRediscovers vouchers that can be booked through the GlobalTix platform.

Other items under the voucher program include attractions such as SEA Aquarium and Universal Studios Singapore, local tours to Little India and Kampong Glam, and staycations at locations such as Fullerton Hotel and Grand Hyatt Singapore.

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