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The curiosity bench is moving again

Mars Curiosity NASA traveled about 197 feet (60 meters) over the weekend to a place called Lake Orcadie. This was the longest Curiosity road since the September 15 experience of memory anomalies.

NASA & # 39; s Curiosity Mars Rover sent this snapshot on Tuesday (6 November 2018). Image via NASA.
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Mars Curiosity NASA leads and conducts education again after the occurrence of memory anomalies in September. The rover traveled about 197 feet (60 meters) over the weekend to a place called the Orcs Lake, moving its total odometry to over 12 miles (20 kilometers). This was the longest Curiosity disc since the anomaly of memory on September 15, 2018. The rover switched to a backup computer, called the Side-A computer, October 3.
As with many spacecraft, Curiosity was designed with two redundant computers – in this case referred to as side computer A and side B – so that they could continue operating if a malfunction occurred. After reviewing several options, JPL engineers recommended switching the device from Side B to Side A.
Self-portrait of the NASA Curiosity rover made on Sol 2082 (June 15, 2018). The Mars storm has reduced sunlight and visibility in the place where the Gale Crater rover was located. Photo via NASA / JPL-Caltech.
NASA's NASA team continues to diagnose anomalies on the Side B computer. Curiosity was used by the side computer A, initially after landing on Mars in August 2012. Page Experienced hardware and software issue from five years ago, NASA said, leaving the rover with an unbreakable and exhaustive battery. During this time, the team successfully switched to page B. Engineers have since then diagnosed and quarantined part of the Side A memory, which has been damaged, so that the computer is again available for handling the mission. Steven Lee from JPL is deputy head of the Curiosity project. Lee said in a statement:
At this point, we are sure that we will return to full operations, but it is too early to tell how quickly. From today we operate on page A, but it may take some time to fully understand the root cause of the problem and to work out ways to circumvent the memory on page B.
We spent the last week checking the A side and preparing it for exchange. It is certainly possible to launch a mission on the Side-A computer if we really need it. But our intention is to move back to Side B as soon as we can solve the problem to take advantage of its larger memory size.
Bottom line: Mars Curiosity NASA made the longest path since the anomaly of memory on September 15, 2018.
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