The finals of the 10th DreamLeague seasons are set


Dota 2 fans are ready for the grand finale of the 10th DreamLeague season after the elimination of two more teams.

It started in the lower video clip with Natus Vincerem, who faced Infamous in the only qualifying match of the day. Vi had control from the very beginning, dominating the early adventures and easily resisting everything that Infamous tried to launch. For most of the match he was completely one-sided, and Infamous had only one opportunity to exchange things at very late stages of the game, but he did not leave.

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Easy dialing for @natusvincere when they demolish the @ Infamous_GG defense and take part in game 1! #DHDreamLeague

Vi had 36 killings in a 32-minute duel that put Infamous on the block of destruction. The second game was a better fight, with noisy trade and a higher-level hit against Na & # 39; Vi who seemed to be in good shape. This confidence was confirmed because they managed to defeat the opponent in several team fights to win.

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The next combination of Void + Phoenix and @NatusVincere was in the top three on #DHDreamLeague after you eliminated @Infamous_GG 2-0!

Even despite a better game, Infamous was still eliminated in fourth place when Na & # 39; Vi advanced to the final of the lower rounds after winning 2-0.

After the series ended, the tournament moved to the upper bracket, where Tigers and Royal Never Give Up fought to see who would hit their ticket to the grand finale. Both games one and two were very close. Royal dominated the early part of the game using high-powered offensive tactics that punished every mistake made by Tiger.

Royal fragmentation began to compile during the match, which led to the Tigers began a massive counterattack. They began to win each fight and finally took one match.

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What a return @tigers_dota !! Never count down the Terrorblade. #DHDreamLeague

The second game was hotter and lasted an additional 20 minutes. It was almost like reversing the roles from the previous match, because Royal's defense stopped the victory by sending a series to the decisive game after 60 minutes.

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Awesome defense by @RNGRoyal and they are tough against @tigers_dota! #DHDreamLeague

Royal could not, however, transfer this game to the final match. Tigers secured their place in the great finals with an impressive game in which only nine murders were killed by Royal. Royal got to the final of the lower rounds, with the last chance to advance to the championships.

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We have our first Grand Finalist #DHDreamLeague, @tigers_dota! Congratulations! ? In Game 3, nothing stopped the teams from Southeast Asia and knocked @RNGRoyal into the Lower Bracket.

This chance, however, ended up squandering when they came across Na & # 39; Vi in the final competition. The first match is a very competitive fight that lasted 50 minutes. Both teams were close in each category, and the battles had fans at the edge of the seats all the time.

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Blizzy's Blackholes are holding @RNGRoyala at a distance and @natusvincere is taking Game 1! This is the spectacular first game we got here in LB Final with crazy team fights, we do not expect anything less in Game 2, which is approaching after the break! #DHDreamLeague

At & Vi ;, they were able to pull it out eventually and this was the last time Royal was in conflict.

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MagicaL is on fire today ??? It's a 10-time defeat with 0 deaths! #DHDreamLeague

The second game was completely out of the Royal & # 39; range. Vi had 35 killings and controlled the pace from the very beginning. The royal ones were basically stationary, and their opponents were running around them.

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NAVI RETURNS! @natusvincere reached the Grand Final @CORSAIR DreamLeague Season 10! Congratulations! #DHDreamLeague

Thirty-one minutes after starting Royal went home with third place. On the other hand, Vi 'knocked on the door of the grand finale and the rematch with Tigers – the team that sent them to the lowest level.


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