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The first person on the cosmodrome Alexei Leonov dies

Alexei Leonov, the legendary Soviet astronaut who first came to man space 54 years ago – and who almost did not return to his space capsule – died in Moscow at the age of 85.

Leonov went down in history on March 18, 1965, when he left his Voskhod 2 spacecraft and went on a space walk that lasted 12 minutes. Leonov he famously risked death when he made his first space walk in 1965, proving that man can survive space outside the unit's boundaries.

Russian space fans brought flowers to his monument on Friday on a memorial avenue in honor of Russian astronauts in Moscow.

His death was announced on Friday, October 11, by Roscosmos, Russia space agency.

A division general of Soviet aviation retired from service in 1992.

Although he is not as well known all over the world as the first man spaceYuri Gagarin, Leonov is a home name in the Russian Federation.

When American astronauts Andrew Morgan and Christina Koch finished a successful seven-hour space walk, the rest of the station crew paid tribute Leonov. On the fourth walk of this series, on October 21, Koch and Jessica Meir will perform the world's first female space walk.

Leonov he died in a Moscow hospital on Friday after a long illness.

"As far as I remember, I was concentrating completely, cold-blooded and relatively not excited", Leonov he wrote.

Leonov he was also elected as the first Soviet person to land on the moon before the mission was canceled.

Leonov he underwent 18 months of intensive training before his mission.

At that time, Putin congratulated Soviet astronauts, calling him "a worthy representative of the legendary Soviet astronaut team."

Leonov he was an excellent artist and writer, and his contemporaries described him as warm and sympathetic.

"Alexei is a special person, "AFP informed.

He also helped American astronaut Tom Stafford adopt two Russian boys.

Roscosmos said Mr. Leonov the funeral will take place on Tuesday at a military cemetery near Moscow.

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