Urologists have called the little-known symptom of kidney problems


Урологи назвали малоизвестный признак проблем с почками

This symptom may also indicate problems in the functioning of cells.Every day, the human body spends an average of two liters of liquid and must be filled.

Doctors say that aversion to drinking water indicates a possible disease – weakening of the kidneys or problems with the functioning of cells that lose the ability to send and receive nerve impulses. The amount of fluid required per day depends on your age, weight, lifestyle, season and other factors. While practicing sports, you lose a lot of moisture and a natural drink. In summer a person needs more water than in winter. A man with a weight of 100 pounds will require at least 3 liters of fluid a day, and a weak woman can make twice as small a volume.

Scientists only talk about the amount of water, without soda, tea, coffee and other beverages. Lack of fluid will shorten the skin's age, leading to slower metabolism, weight gain, blood clots, stomach problems and other problems. Doctors advise you to contact the hospital if you are reluctant to drink.

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