Wednesday , July 28 2021

Elon Musk reveals when we were able to walk on Mars with human feet

We could read about it yesterday launch the Starship spacecraft and launch it into Earth’s orbit, compiled by Elon Musk, should cost around $ 2 million. Meanwhile, Elon Musk revealed when we can walk on the surface of the red planet with a human foot. The news portal drew attention to this topic.

Mars mission is at the door

Elon Musk says so we were able to look at Mars relatively quickly. In his opinion, we will land on the red planet with a human crew already in 2026. He added that if we are lucky, it may be 4 years.

The year 2026 commented: “I believe in this term very much,” he added: “If we are lucky, maybe in four years”

His current words and ambitious plan are as declared by the International Astronautical Congress in September 2016, in which he said:

“… If all goes well, it could take 10 years for humans to land on Mars.”

Among other things, Musk revealed that they plan to ship a research vehicle to the planet in two years. It is definitely worth mentioning Elon Musk’s goals with Mars are much more ambitious. SpaceX, headed by is developing a Starship spacecraft that should be able to transport up to 100 people to Mars. Not so long ago, he revealed that he wants to colonize the planet. Musk added that the first human homes will operate under the dome. Among other things, he revealed that he did not think our generation would be able to terraform the planet, although he did miss it.

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