He killed over 2 million people and continues his free medical service!


It may seem that this world will spoil and people get worse. However, even nowadays there are people whom the world often does not even know, yet it does great things. Much less is said about them. And that's how it is now. The history of the hero of today.

During yours Raman Rao's 44-year career healed, respectively. still treats over two million people and never charge for his services. Rao leads the longest free clinic in the world. He opened his treatment center as soon as he obtained his doctorate in 1973.

Initially, he treated only a few patients a day. Currently, it is sometimes 2000 people. Everything is happening nearby Bangalore in India.

Rao provides everything from injections and medication to cataract surgery. It also provides dozens of services in the field of oral health or skin care. What's more, their exhausted patients carry a meal waiting in line. His wife and sons, who are also doctors, also help in his work. But volunteers are also available.

Over 8 months ago, they asked for the financial help they received. Rao Clinic has received hundreds of donations so far with a total value of $ 86,000.



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