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Honor 20 Pro has a problem, he said he missed the certificate and will stay

The flagship phone would have to be launched without Play Store and Google Apps.

An honorary brand that belongs to the Chinese Huawei a few days ago in London Announces new smartphones with flags – Honor 20 and 20 Pro, She claimed ongoing US case they do not have enough to go to the Android operating system, Play Store and Google applications. Certification and maintenance of the necessary licenses had to be carried out earlier

It seems, however, that this was not entirely true, said Telephone Arena, referring to the French website 01net.com. He found the message that the better equipped Honor 20 Pro could not go through the certification process on time and could not be equipped with a fully functional Android system with all Google services.

After this fact, the beginning of Honor 20 was to be postponed until the end of June. We will find out how the situation around Honor 20 Pro is developing. Honor for the Phone Arena made a very good comment on the situation, later it will inform about availability.

We bring questions and answers to the Huawei case.

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Huawei received a temporary 90-day license from the USA to cooperate with American companies, but also to enable the service of current facilities and infrastructure, and not to introduce new products.

Officially, only objects on the market on May 16, 2019. They are to be authorized.

According to the information available, it can be assumed that even a temporary honorary exemption would not allow the acquisition of an additional 20 Pro flagship certificate, but this can not be said with certainty. The situation around Huawei is changing very quickly, so we will have to wait for further development.

The good news for Huawei is a possible trade agreement between the US and China, whose economic relations are currently strained. President Donald Trump directly pointedthat the release of measures against the Chinese electronics manufacturer could be part of the contract.

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