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Huawei is ready to replace Android with its own system next year

Huawei is well prepared for the current situation. For seven years, they were preparing their own operating system and were ready to present it to the world next year.

The United States has a long-standing problem with Huawei and accuses him of spying. However, the situation has become more acute in recent days as its partners have turned to it. The biggest problem is of course Google who broke collaboration with Huawei and limited access to Android and its services.

Despite the postponement of Google's sanctions for 90 days, Huawei must cope with what is happening later. One of the final solutions is supposedly the introduction of its own operating system they have been working since 2012In addition to Android should replace Microsoft Windows, which they use on laptops.

source: Huawei

Huawei Consumer Director Richard Yu said the system was almost ready. They would allegedly be released in China this fall. It should be for the rest of the world sometime in the first half of 2020. He also added that this system will contain its own app store called App Gallery.

But Richard Yu still emphasizes that his own operating system is just a last resort. They would be eager to use Microsoft and Google. "But if we can not use them, Huawei prepares plan B – using her own operating system", said Yu. "We do not want to do this, but we will be forced to do so by the US government."

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