In the Tatras there is a seasonal closure, a penalty punishment


In mid-June, the Alpine pavement opens again.

HIGH TATRAS. In the Tatra National Park since November 1, the seasonal closing of the marked paths is already on its way.

Although unusually hot weather and good conditions for hiking, the High Tatras must be prevented by tourists.

"In practice, this means that tourists can only choose the alpine hut, except for Rysmi, which was closed in winter. The restriction on public policy, which currently replaces the missing TANAP visits, ends on 14 June, shields and alpine saddles, "said ŠL TANAP, Martin Petránová.

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They will not reach Slavkovsky's shield

Read it: TANAP does not yet have a valid timetable

Although the Tatra National Park does not have a valid timetable, seasonal closure also applies to other years.

The Prešov District Office issued the regulation regulating the issue last year.

Unlike the original touristic system, the Veľký Pleso Red Tatranska magistrala is part of the Triangle of Trigan between Batizovské pleso, Sedlo pod Ostrvou and Popradské pleso.

On the contrary, the closing of the season is on the touristic route of last Slavkovský shield.

Director of TANAP Administration, Pavel Majko, the Slavkovský shield belongs to areas where the bears are full and there are zebras too.

Especially animals have to rest

Winter lock is important for many Tatier residents.

At the end of October, they lie in the shade, from the end of October to the end of November they have chamomile smoke when they need their animals.

"Although the salvation of human life is the most important, corrupt men of the virus fly helicopters and disturb the nesting species of birds in the walls, the confusion or the shrimp," Majko added.

For some tourists, the shutter seems too long.

But in the spring the puppies are barking, puppies have begun to be born, migrating hawks have been sitting in the nests since March and the rock eagles are in April.

The offense is a punishment

If seasonal tourists arrive at one of the closed hiking trails, they will probably be fined.

It either prevents you from resuming or getting a block penalty of up to 66 euros.

An accurate list of seasonal closed lanes appeared on the Internet, and the caps were marked directly on the sidewalks.


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