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Is Windows 10 1903. How long will Microsoft support it?

The new update will extend the operating system support.

Microsoft publishes major system updates every six months. But in practice this means not all updates will be supported for so longAlthough you still have a Windows 10 operating system. However, each update also indicates its development version, although the system does not increase the main number and you do not have Windows 11, for example.

The latest update is available in May marked as 1903Many have not had it yet for regular updates and you will have to wait. Alternatively, use forced installation as described in our article.

Windows 10 1903 officially available on May 21, 2019. He will have support until December 8, 2020 for Home, Pro and Pro for workstations, as well as Enterprise and Education versions.

Because the system needs updatingotherwise you will lose Microsoft support for the development version.

Source: Microsoft

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