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Sporar named Semen, Vittek ended his trophy career: Last Goal Completed

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As a sign of the celebration of the championships, spectacular farewell to the legend and a call for shooting, the last match of the season in the Fortuna 2018/2019 league took place at Tehelno Pole.

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After the victory of SK Slovan Bratislava on Friday over ŠKF iClinic Sered (3: 1) in the tenth round of the title to the title, there was a moment for which all players waited the most – passing the trophy. Although they had the masterful confidence of the "belas" six laps before the end, they wanted to play in the match fully.

They had twice as much motivation – Andraž Šporar could beat the shooting record of Róbert Semeník from the 1995/1996 season. In addition, after a one-year break, club legend Róbert Vittek, who could have won 100 in the club jersey in Bratislava during the career derniere, joined the competition.

"We did not accept the match as formalities prior to the championships. We wanted to help Andraz record a record for Rob's 100th goal. We are satisfied throughout the season because it dominated our application. We won with a big point, we scored the most goals and we have the most wins, so we are exactly where we are " Martin Ševela is training the season after the last match of the season at a press conference.

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In total, the Slavs scored up to 80 points in the season, and the second FC DAC 1904 Dunajska Streda scored a huge advantage of 17 points.

Master ceremonies of ŠK Slovan Bratislava

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Master ceremonies of ŠK Slovan Bratislava

Source: TASR

However, ŠK Slovan did not beat a certain record, he just called him. When Sporar reached the net in the 55th minute, it was an exact hit with the number 29. 23 years ago the same number of hits was recorded in the jersey 1. FC Kosice. Despite further efforts, the Gunner from Slovenia failed to reach the record-breaking 30th target.

"In the end I did it, the questions about him were already 10 matches. I wanted to give one more, but I did not think about getting two goals for the whole week. It is not easy to give them what they think. however, I do not have a new record " Sporar said in the mixzone. He believes that he and Semen can now enjoy joy.

"We are both happy. For a long time there was no one near the record, and I and the "Master" of semen certainly are satisfied. We now have two recorders. If he wants, call me and thank you for not defeating him. " A 25-year-old clerk who plans to invite teammates to thank them for their supper.

The masterful evening in Tehelna Polak, despite the possible new album, belonged to another man. Robert Vittek began his 180th competition in the Slovan football jersey. It was in this club that the Slovak representative started his successful career (1999-2003). After a long time abroad, he returned to the club in 2013-2016 and 2017-2018.

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The fans in the stadium chanted his name, and the 37-year-old attacked this moment immensely. "Great thanks to the leadership of the Slavs. They filled my last goal that I had. I missed football very much and I was hoping that there would be something like that. I am glad that they have not forgotten me, even though I have not spent all my years in Slovan. and I am grateful to the fans who gave me this experience " said Vittek, who came to the field in the 75th minute.

Robert Vittek said goodbye to his career

pictures in the photo gallery

Robert Vittek said goodbye to his career

Source: TASR

Measuring his strength against Sered, he also created one goal chance, but he did not change it. If so, he would give his goal with number 100 for Slovan Bratislava. So he stayed with "only" 99. However, he was not sad.

"I gave those 100 goals a long time ago, it would only be for the Slavs, I did not have it in my head. Before the match I was more nervous, especially I did not want to disappoint anyone and hurt myself. Everything was fine, the fans welcomed me well and played exactly 15 minutes, as agreed " said Vittek, who also raised the championship trophy over his head, apparently the easiest captured masterpiece in his career.

"The medal has a great value for me. I do not know if someone managed as fast as I did. But I do not do anything. " added an 81-times former representative of Slovakia.



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