Wednesday , January 20 2021

The state removed the ski association Vlhová et al. they got out of there

The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic revokes the status of the national sports association of the Slovak Ski Association.

After agreement with the International Ski Federation, the movement, which combines several disciplines, will be temporarily covered by the Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee. This was announced on Tuesday by the Government Plenipotentiary for Youth and Sports, Karol Kučera, on his Facebook profile.

It will not affect the rainy season

On this basis, the phenomenal Slovak skier Petra Vlhová should continue the fantastic start of the World Cup season without any problems. Already at the weekend, the leading player of the World Cup in St. Moritzi.

The patronage of SOŠV should cover not only the alpine sections, but also other sections and their representatives, the season also starts for runners, acrobats, snowboarders, and in the Nordic Combined SLA also associates jumping and grass skis.

Kucer’s explanation

“The fight to clear Slovakia is ongoing and sport is no exception. If the regulatory bodies in sport operated as they should and did not neglect their work and responsibilities, there would not be so many stimuli and unanswered questions that are above these incentives. “

“The situation in some sports movements is flourishing on the fringes of some unions and we, sports MPs, cannot pass by the sports section of the ministry indifferently. Perhaps the worst situation is in the ski movement, where it has come so far that almost all of the ski traffic is determined to leave its national ski association and join the new Slovak ski association ”.

“They are representatives of individual ski disciplines, ski clubs with their ski bases, as well as our representatives headed by Petra Vlhova. But the train finally started and the Ministry of Education withdraws the status of the national sports association SLA and after agreement with the FIS, ski traffic in Slovakia will be temporarily covered by SOŠV until a new national sports association is formed. ”

“I would like the entire ski community to feel as little impact as possible on this negative course led by Petra Vlhová, who has a fantastic running season and needs to focus on her training and results to represent us as best she can” – Kučer said.

The decision was made after skier Petra Vlhová, as well as other members of the Slovak Ski Association, took a radical step. After a long unsolved problem, they left the association. This was reported by

On the brink of the precipice

“Five of the six members of the Alpine Presidium, along with 46 sports clubs with 1,317 members, leave the SLA.” Jana Palovičová, responsible for managing the SLA alpine sports industry, introduced herself at the Tuesday briefing.

“Membership is voiced by the overwhelming majority of ski clubs, which account for nearly 40 percent of the SLA membership base. quoted the website of Palovičová

12 years of suffering

“What has been going on in the Slovak Ski Association for a long time has nothing to do with sport, nationality or the union aspect. I can seriously and responsibly confirm the words of the former SLA president, František Repka, who stated that as part of his resignation, the SLA Office deliberately manipulates information, and the President and Vice Presidents also influence the members of the SLA Office by promoting their personal views and interests. “ added Palovičová.

“I’ve been worried for twelve years. I’m glad something happened. The state should realize that one person and an Italian cannot deal with us. It has to stop. He must start dealing with sports, children, youth “ said Igor Vlha, father of Petra Vlhova.

They have been warning for a long time

According to Palovičova, dissatisfied skiers have been alerting all relevant state administration bodies for 10 years, namely prime ministers, ministers of education, secretaries of state for sport and the chief sports controller. Practices of the SLA Office, i.e. manipulation, bypassing important legal regulations and internal directives.

“There is no dialogue in the association, only a directive and the lack of elementary signs of decency towards its members, it contradicts the basic principles of sport, the value of opportunities and fair play.” Palovičová stated in a press release.

The outgoing members are also supported by the Veronika Velez-Zuzulová Ski Academy, Ski Team Žampa and Ski Team Vlha. “We do not want to be associated with the practices and methods used in the Slovak Ski Association. Our team is fully willing to represent Slovakia, but through an organization other than SLA “, said Igor Vlha.

“They must be everywhere, and then the same rules apply to everyone”, added Tomáš Žampa.

Discontent also erupted in clubs with athletes in speed, acrobatics, diving, cross-country and grass skiing.

Problems elsewhere

Martin Makovník, chairman of the sports and technical committee of downhill skiing for disabled people of the Slovak Paralympic Committee (SPV), also notices the disastrous situation in the organization.

“In the near future, our sport is to be transferred to the national sports association linked to the FIS. I cannot imagine that we will have to deal with the same frustration that skiers in Slovakia are facing today “, Makovník announced.

Representatives leaving the SLA then called on government officials to suspend funding with immediate effect and withdraw the Slovak Ski Association’s (SLA) national sports association status.

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