Top management had to stick to Android


Photo: REUTERS / Rick Wilking

The head of the largest social network in the world Mark Zuckerberg he ordered his leadership to forgive iPhone and presided over competition from GoogleIt happened a few months later Tim Cook he attacked in the interview Facebook and his ways that he makes money.

Is this the real reason? We do not know,because we did not know anything more. Everything, however, suggests that it still has something in common.

The decision of the head of the social network revealed the American piece The New York Times in his comprehensive article, where the author discovers current situation in the top line that has recently faced a scandal after the scandal. One of the most famous was associated with a society that no longer exists Cambridge Analytica.

Writes The Vergethe decision may also be related to the fact that Americans work in the technology sector, prefer products from California apple. Smartphones with the operating system android they are not as popular as in other parts of the world Facebook they hinder the development of a suitable mobile application.


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