Trump threatened immigrants: Turn!


US President Donald Trump retired Friday from the previous threat that soldiers are shooting at immigrants who will throw stones to illegally cross the Mexican-American border.

"I did not shoot" He told. – They do not have to shoot because I do not want these people to make stones. Trump told journalists in the White House that immigrants are breaking stones and seeking refugee status at the southern borders of the United States "imprisoned for a long time".

On Thursday, Trump questioned that thousands of soldiers on the border reacted when migrants swirled around. That's what he said throwing stones are a deadly danger.

He said that thousands of migrants from Central America to the United States were "cruel and violent" and thrown stones at Mexican police. "If we want to throw rocks into our army, the army will retract them … I told them (soldiers), think about it (stone) behind the rifle. If you throw stones like the Mexican army and the police, I say it's a rifle, Trump said.

According to AFP, the president of the United States today, before the congressional elections, enhances his immigration rhetoric. Opposition Democrats accuse them of opening up borders with "hooligans" or "raiders" floods. Trump's repeated allegations of "invasion" action, according to AFP, are targeting thousands of immigrant groups currently in Mexico to US borders.

Most illegal immigrants to Mexico via the United States come from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Many have gone out on this dangerous road to avoid high levels of poverty and violence in their homeland.


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