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Verstappen was angry that Hamilton had escaped the penalty


Max Verstappen lost three places after the Mexican qualifying and dropped from fourth place to start. Then with Lewis Hamilton came a small "knock", and then he got a defect in the attack on Valtteri Bottas, so he fell to last place.

During the race he showed several maneuvers, but with several rivals it was quite difficult. Many seemed to take him well. He finished in sixth place, but was bad at the finish.

Paradoxically, he was still annoyed on Saturday, and the fact that Lewis Hamilton was not punished also passed the crashed Valtteri Bottas. However, the Englishman was lucky that he did not yet have yellow flags; it was basically immediately after the accident.

"The principle is quite clear," he said Verstappen"I just have to say that I should definitely relax. But everyone should do it. I know Sebastian has relaxed. However, one silver car did not relax, but was not punished. It made me angry. "

Charles Leclerc was the last to go before Valtteri Bottas, so his situation was not. The riders followed him in the order of Hamilton, Vettel and Verstappen, while the first and third did not slow down. "But what is it. It is as it is … "

Hamilton claimed that before he realized the situation, he was already behind her. It was only a few seconds behind Bottas on the track, and the yellow flags in this area were definitely not available, so the commissioners had nothing to deal with.

What about the Verstappen / Hamilton collision soon after the start? "Lewis took the first corner outside and braked hard in second place. I couldn't stay there so I had to get off the track, "answered the Dutchman.

"Then I went inside to fight Valtteri. When I was at his side, I think he probably didn't see me. He turned and hit the right rear wheel. We had a good car, but after the first lap and after the situation from Valtteri the race was already destroyed – he added Max Verstappen.

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