Wednesday , January 20 2021

Your eyes will fall out of the holes! The famous devil (55) and her sister (57) posed without clothes

Age is only a number! This sentence certainly applies to actress Elizabeth Hurley, who has become known, among others in The Contract with the Devil, Austin Powers, Serving Sarah, American Casanova and her relationship with the popular Hugh Grant. The famous beauty keeps in great shape for the following years and doesn’t look brave for 55 years.

It seems that Elizabeth is not the only beauty in the family. Equally charming and charming is her sister, Kate, who is two years her senior. The proof is a photo that the actress has now published on the social network Instagram. The sisters only pose wearing economical bikinis and proudly show their flawless figures.

“Oh my God! I thought you had no competition. You’re beautiful! Feel free to show us your sister more often.” is one of many comments. The photo in question was taken during the summer blockade and both ladies pose in a bikini from the actress’s collection. Well, she probably wouldn’t have found even better models. What are you saying?!

Elizabeth Hurley and her sister Kate look fantastic in a bikini.
Elizabeth Hurley

Source: Instagram

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