A new hero of the Russian trophy in Paris


Paris – Paris – Surprise at the end. In this way, the prestigious tennis tournament in Bercy, the center of Paris, included the arena of events, he discovered where the new trump card for Russian tennis Karen Khachanov Ugun Serbs Novak Djokovic (7: 5, 6: 4). The latter is to win 7: 6 (6), 5: 7, 7: 6 (3) after winning the extremely tight and classic classic Roger Federer he opened the way to the new title, and then Rus, from today, the 11th player in the world rankings, made a very impressive show.

Tennis in the largest country in the world maintains a special visibility, especially since the nineties, and exceptional support for this sports division of the then first man in the country Boris Jeljcina, Paris is underlined in the treasury of Russian tennis achievements, especially in male competition. Namely, in 2002, the band from Marat Safin in Mihaelom Južnim enjoyed her first laurels in the Davis Cup, Evgeny Kafesnikov in 1996 he won his first Grand Slam tournament in the French metropolis, and Safin was a three-time winner – in 2000, 2002 and 2004 – this tournament with the champions under the Bercy roof.

In the hall, where the audience, like Roland Garros, promotes Federer's loudest trumps outside of house trumpets, this time around 20,000 people applaud 22-year-old Moscow Armenian roots. Before the tournament, he was in the 18th place in the ATP ranking, now it is close to the selected tenth. Last but not least, this week, just like during the running of the race, players from the aforementioned company have defeated – John Isner (9th), Alexandra Zvereva (5th), Dominika Thiema (5th) and for the rest of Djokovic.

And so now Khachanov is the first Russian player after Michael South, in 2013, which ranks among the top 15 in ATP. Above, however, there is an unusual autumn: he played constantly, he collected more performances in Beijing, Shanghai, Moscow, Vienna and Paris. However, he will remember this last triumph in the French metropolis, but in the case of this metropolis it will be especially important. What was emotionally present was present in the Moscow Olympic Hall, in the scene of many sports spectacles in the last 38 years, now closing the door. The time has come for a thorough renovation.

"When I look back now, who won here, I can be proud that I'm on this list," said Hachanov on the skin of his great rival, bowed to his perfect ball and remembered several well-known compatriots, among whom he is like a boy he specifically hit a fist for Safina. Otherwise, the last Russian winner against Hatchanov in Bercy, November 2006, Nikolai Davidenko.

Djokovic? After an incredible Saturday tennis with Federer, they rarely doubted his triumph in this final, but in the end he admitted that the trophy was in the right hands: "In particular, his services are very strong and accurate, he won the victory." The figure of 31-year-old Serba was not noticeable – in this morning he will wake up as the first player in the world.


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