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Angelina Jolie's 14-year-old daughter earns her talent



Angelina Jolie is in a hurry with presentations of her latest movie Abuser 2. She has been repeatedly watched on the red carpet by her children, most of whom are 14-year-old Zahara Jolie Pitt. She wore jewelry that she made herself and will soon release her first collection.

14-year-old Zahara Jolie Pittdaughter Angelina Jolieand Pitt BeardA, she is already familiar with the work process and earning her own money. According to foreign media, she combined her love of jewelry with the experience of a famous star jewel Robert Procop and created her first jewelry collection that she named Zahara. The acquaintance of the Jolie Pitt family with Procop goes back to the time when he designed the Angelina wedding ring.

Angelina Zahara's 14-year-old daughter created her own jewelry collection.PHOTO: Profimedia

She couldn't choose a better time to promote individual songs – her mother Angelina is currently in a hurry to present her new film Abuse 2where her children often accompany her on the red carpet. Zahara took the opportunity and attention of many photographers and looked at his own products, which will be available in the United States and Australia from the beginning of November.

She couldn't choose a better time to promote her brilliant pieces: she carries her products on the red carpet, presenting her mother's latest film.PHOTO: Profimedia

It seems that the girl has decided to follow in her mother's footsteps – the income from the jewelry sold will be a pilgrimage to the Ruth Shelters shelter in Los Angeles, which offers temporary shelter for abused women and children.

The girl will go to the shelter for abused women and children.PHOTO: Profimedia

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