Sunday , July 25 2021

Another punished nurse: the police explain

After we published the story of the nurse who received the sentence, when she went out for a walk and spoke to a neighbor, another nurse came to us with an almost identical case. She was also fined on a walk by a policewoman, also in the vicinity of Bežigrad.

She wrote (unedited) as follows:

“I went for a walk and met a friend. Of course, we spoke a few words from a safe distance and in a mask. In an instant, a police car passes by, and the person in the passenger seat starts shouting “please for documents” from the car! I approach her and ask why, since I kept a safe distance and had a mask throughout the entire conversation. She didn’t answer my questions. Since I had a dog on a leash, I was already one step away from the police car.

“There was a shock when a policewoman” jumped “out of the car and started screaming hysterically to get another 400 euro for” escaping “the crime scene. What crime already?!?. She continues the discussion, to which I kindly ask her: “Why are you” shaking “your anger at me?” As expected, I didn’t get a reply, she just added that I could get an extra 200 Euro for “insult and indecent behavior”. Eventually my friend and I were fined 400 euros and a warning as we had no personal papers. We were also warned against inappropriate behavior and insults. “

She added that she considered the policewoman’s behavior “extremely irresponsible and unprofessional and that she should face the consequences.”

Anyone can apply for judicial protection

We also asked the Ljubljana Police Administration for clarifications on this matter. “Also in this case, to which you are pointing out, police officers found a violation of a regulation restricting the gathering and movement of people who had flocked and socialized in a public place and were not close family members or cohabitants. We emphasize that the collection of people is allowed only for close family members or members of the joint household, subject to restrictions and prohibitions resulting from the applicable decree restricting the collection and movement of people. Otherwise, it means a violation in which the police act in accordance with their powers – they explained.

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The policemen issued a payment order to both people. “We add that a person against whom an order for payment has been issued and who believes that it has been issued incorrectly may apply for judicial protection. This ensures legal protection of persons for whom the validity of the sentence is subject to assessment in further proceedings for misdemeanor ”.

They also noted that persons involved in police proceedings may file a complaint against the work of the Police “if they disagree with the act or omission of a police officer in the performance of police duties which may constitute a violation of human rights or fundamental freedoms. The circumstances of the execution of the police procedure and the use of police powers are then specified in the appeal proceedings.

500 applications were received from citizens

The Ljubljana Police Department also replied that it had issued warnings on most of the violations found. “It can be said that last month 1,838 warnings were issued for violations of orders issued under the infectious diseases act, and a fine was imposed in 1,059 cases. During that time, we received over 500 reports of violations from citizens, and the rest were detected by the police themselves. ”

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