Saturday , January 16 2021

At home, they are intimate and punished by policemen on the road

This week, the police announced tighter checks on compliance with measures to contain the spread of the new coronavirus. As the police and health inspectors note, people still do not wear masks, they gather and disregard distance.

A story of a young couple from Ljubljana, who was walking around their commune on Monday, appeared on the web. They say that in private life they are a boy and a girl, but they do not live at the same address. They were both wearing masks when they were stopped by the police and fined 400 euros without warning. Reason? Distance too short.

They wonder if this is an honest approach to citizens. “I believe that the policemen are in a very difficult situation and I am not against them. However, rumors say that at some stations only some of the policemen are so “ruthless” and do not pay attention to anything, says a fined resident of Ljubljana.

Senior Police Inspector Alojz Sladič He emphasized a few days ago that police officers warn violators more about irregularities, but if they estimate that the warning will not be effective, they also take repressive measures – especially by imposing a fine by issuing an order for payment.

The couple also likely committed a violation as the law does not allow socializing between people in different households and between people who are not close family members.

We also addressed this question to the Ljubljana Police Administration and we are still waiting for their comment.

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