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Covid-19 was first treated with plasma in Slovenia and the patient’s condition improved


28. nov. 2020 6:00 am

Covid-19 was first treated with plasma in Slovenia and the patient's condition improved

The Institute of Transfusion Medicine of the Republic of Slovenia confirmed to the STA that a few days ago it spent the first two units of plasma on the treatment of an obvious patient. They were then informed by the Department of Infectious Diseases and Fever of the Ljubljana University Medical Center that the clinical condition of the cow suffering from pneumonia had improved after such treatment.

Since the beginning of July, 280 blood samples have been collected at the Institute of Transfusion Medicine. plasma in people who have had COVID-19.

For the treatment of humans, we have prepared 80 units of hyperimmune plasma, which contains a sufficient amount of so-called neutralizing antibodies. However, they explained to the STA that they had not yet performed the necessary tests for all the units downloaded.

Plasma therapy has a 100-year history of treating infectious diseases such as polio, measles, mumps, and influenza in the run-up to vaccination. Recently, however, plasma has also been used to help patients with Ebola and Mers, which is also caused by the coronavirus. Therefore, in some parts of the world, hospital patients in the covida-19 phase have started receiving plasma from patients who have already recovered from the disease. Namely, they wanted the antibodies from the prenatal plasma to neutralize the virus in the patient so that it could no longer spread and thus make it easier for the patient to overcome COVID-19.

However, various studies have not yet produced a consistent answer regarding the safety and efficacy of plasma therapy.

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