Cristiano Ronaldo signed up with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez


Portuguese media reported that their biggest player, Cristiano Ronaldo, knelt before his favorite Georgino Rodriguez.

Cristiano Ronaldo


Ronaldo spoke for the first time after a big scandal

One of the most widely read Portuguese newspapers, Correio da Manha, today informs us that this is how it should be Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez commitment. The message of marriage comes one year after they have gathered their first child, their daughter Alano Martin.

Cristiano has four children: in 2010 he became the father and the only son's guardian for the first time Cristiana Ronald Jr.but I never revealed my mother's identity. In June 2017, he was also surprised by the news that he had become the father of the twins, his daughters Eve Marie and son Matea Ronald, which was brought by a substitute mother, but in five months Georgina gave birth to a daughter.

Georgina is on the side of raising all children, but also supports him in the scandal and allegations of alleged rape Kathryn Mayorgathat claims the player raped her nine years ago and then paid her $ 375,000 in exchange for silence.

Georgina Rodriguez

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They both carry an engagement ring

The Portuguese newspaper reports that the couple saw a party in London, where they both wore a matching engagement ring of the prestigious Cartier jewelry brand. Source told the press that Cristiano Georgino should have asked some time ago and that only a handful of people know about it. "Georgina is already wearing wedding dresses," she revealed.

24-year-old Georgina ignited her first gossip about marriage in the summer during the FIFA World Cup when she wore a diamond ring worth more than half a million euros. At the beginning of the year, Cristiana's mother told Georgina in the interview that she was her future daughter-in-law.

According to foreign media reports, Georgina and Cristiano met in June 2016. In the Gucci store in Madrid, where Georgina worked as a salesman, and Cristiano bought a summer wardrobe.

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