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Due to a commune road, the mayor announced his resignation

Mayor elections are expected in Šentjerna, because mayor Radko Luzar announced his resignation.

The mayor of Šentjerna, Radko Luzar, who heads the municipality for the second term of office and applied for voters' signature, resigned mid-afternoon. Luzar has already issued a written declaration of resignation. He announced his resignation for December 19 and by this time he wants to deal with urban affairs that would delay his departure.

For the main reason, Luzar referred to complications related to the reconstruction of the municipal road in Dolenja Stara vas, where he lives, which was met with a mixed reaction from public opinion. Two citizens' initiatives were organized, and dissatisfaction with the new tour even led to vandalism, removal of obstacles, threats and the like.

He added that he condemned all this and that if he wanted to calm the situation, he must give way. Explaining to the saints, he agreed that he came to town to do something without wasting time.

They couldn't even agree on the agenda

Luzar, who heads the municipality of Šentjerna unprofessionally, but is an entrepreneur and owner of the company Šentjerna L-Tek Electronics, called a regular session of Šentjerna councilors on Wednesday afternoon, but after they could not unite on the agenda, they did not continue. .

He said that apparently there was no support on the municipal council and that some wanted him to leave. Because he has opponents in the city council, even among those who persuaded him to run for mayor again, "There is no point in insisting", he stressed.

Luzar also announced that he wants to complete the transfer of the concession to a public service consisting in collecting, draining and treating water in the municipality to the municipal company until his final resignation, December 19, and during the transition period he would like to make a budget correction that was otherwise on the half agenda failed session.

He said that because local policy is no longer a problem, it will return to the economy.

According to the mayor of St. John's wort Janez Selak confirmed that the election of the mayor in Šentjerna is promising.

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