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Even cockroaches were found during an inspection in one of the Slovenian bakeries

The Food, Veterinary and Plant Protection Inspectorate, controlling 110 Slovenian bakeries, detected irregularities in 32 plants from the beginning of the year to the end of September. One of the criminals found a cockroach intrusion and had to close one factory because of serious violations, reports POP TV today.

Pursuant to the Act on access to public information, POP TV obtained 32 records from inspections carried out by inspectors in the first nine months of this year.

Violations include inadequate hygiene conditions in refrigeration and freezing equipment, bakery equipment and accessories, in some cases operators did not have records regarding cleaning of equipment and monitoring of storage and processing conditions for food.

For many petty criminals, inspectors were asked to investigate the risk analysis of trans fatty acids in food. Some infringers were also ordered to examine the chemical risk analysis for the presence of acrylamide in food.

Close one bakery

Due to serious violations, inspectors closed one installation, dirty baking equipment, dirty edges along the edges, refrigerators, behind cabinets in the storage area, contaminants in refrigerators, which also contained moldy food. The plant also did not have safety nets to prevent access to pests.

For another serious offender, inspectors noticed the cockroach invasion as early as June 2018, which led to the disinfestation order, and then the cockroaches were still present in the bakery, so in 2018 another three disinfestations were carried out. At the beginning of this year, however, they had to perform this procedure twice more. Despite all the procedures carried out, the cockroaches were still not completely crushed.

The inspection carried out in 2018, reported by POP TV also on the basis of data obtained in accordance with the Act on Access to Public Information of October 24, detected irregularities in 34 bakeries. The violations were different, but most often they were poor hygiene.

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