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Simona Di Stefano, secretary, will talk at the end of CasaPound. Photo: Television Slovenia


In Italy, CasaPound's association protests several times. Photo: Reuters

Meeting Casa Pound

Casa Pound was made in 2003. Photo: AP

Simone Di Stefano

At the end of the rally, Secretary of State CasaPound Simone Di Stefano has to talk to Rossetti's memorial. Photo: Reuters

The authorities are limited and not prohibited

November 3, 2018 at 7:45 pm,
last intervention: November 3, 2018, 17:42
Trieste – MMC RTV SLO, STA, Radio Slovenia

In Trieste, a series of neo-fascists and opponents are held. Surveillance in the city is much stricter – police officers in Trieste, carabinieri and financial guards also help colleagues working in other places.

About 20 to 40 years on the far right, about 2,000 supporters of CasaPound come from all over Italy, according to Radio Slovenia's report Miriam Muženič.

The CasaPound event, held in Trieste, celebrates the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. The move started at the Riborgo market and ended at the monument to Rossetti, where Secretary of State CasaPound spoke on the truck Simone Di Stefano.

On the other hand, the Italian, Slovenian, Croatian and Austrian fascists also collect a large part of the "Fascism has to stop together"A series of democratic forces are organized by the organizations of the Association of Anti-Fascist Organizations in Trieste, which brought together the same thinkers from Slovenia, bringing together the Italian fascist fascists from many organizations, associations, trade unions, societies and schools.

The anti-fascist behavior of Sv. Jakob started towards Garibaldi Square, Old Mitnica, then to Goldoni Square, where it was finally born.

Enhanced security forces must ensure that the masses do not meet each other. Today Trieste is the most polluted city in Italy, according to Muženič.

The presence of the police has strengthened the streets and created iron constraints. Trieste Police Officers, Carabinieri and Financial Guards came to help some of the police and carabinieri departments in Northern Italy.

Two people were arrested before the rally
Prior to the two meetings, two members of the Italian anti-fascists insisted on Verdi's statue. The police retreated more than ten anti-fascists who camped on San Giovanni Square. Some have also been linked to the fence on the Primorski dnevnik's website.

President Borut Pahor condemned a group of neo-fascists in Trieste. We can only stand on the edge of building democracy sustainably, a beep said.

The ban on the emergency ears

Despite numerous calls by the Trieste authorities, the movement of neo-fascists was not banned but restricted. Many organizations, associations, trade unions, schools and individuals have called for a rally ban, which emphasized that the rally is in contravention of the Italian constitution that has prevented the rebirth and celebration of fascist parties and movements.

The authorities did not forbid the show because it had no legal basis. But they restricted the road that could not reach Rižarna, the National House and the Basque hero's memorials.

Sunday in Trieste, Mattarella
Both events take place along the streets, which are somewhat close in some places, but the authorities are responsible for ensuring that everyone is well cared for.

According to the report of the Slovenian Radio Mirjam Muženic, Events also share local policies. "I'm in the beginning, but there is democracy in Italy, and with it the rights, but the tasks are too. Trieste has spent two world wars, and we should not forget, it is our duty to respect this city!" said Mayor of Trieste Roberto Dipiazza.

"I agree with the freedom of my own conviction, but always against others, without causing attention, provocation and tension among the civilian population" President of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Parliament said Pier Mauro Zanin.

After the rally, Trieste will visit the Italian president Sergio Mattarellawho participates in the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.

In the first photo, the followers of CasaPound, anti-fascists.

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