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It was not easy for them, but they are used to working hard and overcoming obstacles

All entrepreneurs who participated in this year’s Start Slovenia project showed persistence, willingness to work hard and passion for what they do. There can only be one Hit product …

“For us, the victory was that we were among 9 outstanding entrepreneurs who created the project this year. In the announcement, our story unfolded before our eyes from the entry into the project in season 3 until today. We have experienced a lot and the HIT product is the greatest reward we could get for our hard work!

It is similar with a couple of entrepreneursHome of Slovenia commented on the news that his fruit spreads were dubbed the Hit 2020. Urošin Valentina Kavčič in the sunny Vipava valley they create organic fruit pastes Lord in Lady Jam, which convinced the customers.

All entrepreneurs who participated in the project this year showed persistence, willingness to work hard and passion for what they do. Readers and viewers could meet them on our website Sequin.si and at shows The world on channel A.

The Start Slovenia project has been running for five years and this year was unique in several respects. Entrepreneurs stand on the seller’s shelves Spar Slovenia presented 29 products which confirmed that high-quality ingredients, innovation and sustainable development dictate new trends on store shelves. Slovenia has proved that it supports local business ideas and Slovenian products even in exceptional circumstances such as the current coronation time.

Uroš and Valentina have a Hit productPHOTO: PRO PLUS

The voice of customers decides

“This year’s winners are used to hard work and overcoming obstacles. From the very beginning, their brand develops, grows and, above all, listens to customers and their needs. Even in uncertain and demanding times, it presents innovations on the market, crosses borders and is optimistic about the future. As in all previous years, the voice of our Spar customers is ultimately decisive and I would especially like to thank them this year for their support of Slovenian entrepreneurial energy ”. said the general manager of SPAR Slovenia, Mag. Igor Mervič.

All 29 products with which nine entrepreneurs took part in this year’s Start Slovenia project remain in selected Spar stores and in a special point of sale in 13 Interspar stores, where so far more than 170 products of Slovenian entrepreneurs have been collected in one place.

They are constantly developing and creating new jobs

– In June, Spar presented the products of 27 business teams in one place at the joint point of sale, and we invited 9 of them to co-create this year’s offer with partners. We wanted to show that this is not a one-off project, but the continuous development of Start Slovenia entrepreneurs who develop and create new jobs ”. – said the marketing director at the PRO PLUS media house Aleš Muhič.

In June, Spar Slovenija presented the first such point of sale in Slovenia, which devotes a special space to Slovenian products and emphasizes their importance and innovation. It will continue to be a special space for natural, local, ecological and sustainable products of Slovenian entrepreneurs.

“I am glad that Slovenian clients have decided to support native Slovenian entrepreneurs even in difficult (and even difficult) times. The sentence reads:We can do a lot alone, together we can do everythingbecomes more and more important “, however, said the founder and chairman of the Formitas assembly Mojca Randl.

Marketing Director at PRO PLUS Media House Aleš Muhič, General Manager of SPAR Slovenia mag. Igor Mervič and the founder and chairman of Formitas Group Mojca Randl.PHOTO: PRO PLUS

The Kavčičs introduced themselves to Slovenia in the third season of the Štartaj, Slovenija program! Even then, they impressed many customers by offering the market a very unique Marmela paste. They have always believed in tradition, but in doing so they looked for more modern ways of doing business. Kavčič lives in a small village in Dornberk. The Uroš family farm has a long tradition – fruit trees, hard work and respect for the homeland.

When the financial crisis hit years ago, the cooperative there stopped buying fruit. she only bought it in minimal quantities. As the family sells less and less fruit, Uroš and Valentina are starting to find ways to adapt to market demands and thus keep the family farm.

They start making their own products from the fruit they left at home. Until the delicious Mr. in Mrs. Caves, in which the couple strongly believed.

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