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Miley Cyrus is undergoing hernia surgery

The American singer Miley Cyrus apparently had big problems with the ballot box because, according to her partner, Cody Simpson, she went to the ballot box operation. However, her new partner did not explain the cause of the problems.

Miley Cyrus must keep an eye on his voice for several weeks.PHOTO: AP

In fact, singles without a singer may forget about their careers, so singers are constantly afraid of losing their voices. News comes from the US that the pop singer also had vocal cords problems Miley Cyrus.

The 26-year-old underwent a vocal cord surgery, which is believed to have been successful, and doctors said that she should be very attentive over the next few weeks. American media reports that she has been waiting for weeks of silence. This was confirmed by her newest partner Cody Simpson.

According to doctors, a month ago, when the tonsils were operated, the doctors said something was wrong with her. "When Cyrus was hospitalized last month for tonsillitis, doctors discovered a separate problem with a hernia that lasted for several years."

Doctors also recommended that she have surgery as soon as possible:After Miley found out, she was told that she would have to undergo surgery before the end of the year and it would take weeks of silence to recover,"A source close to the American superstar confided in the media.

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