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Norwegian victory and a “record” achievement, up to four Slovenes

The winner of the opening match in Nizhny Tagil was Norwegian Halvor Egner Granerud, Daniel Huber was second and Robert Johansson, who was a real success in the final, came in second. With a jump record (142.5 meters) he jumped on the podium from 25th place. Markus Eisenbichler, who was in the lead after the first round, had no luck with the wind in the final and only took 28th place. Anže Lanišek, currently Slovenia’s best ski jumper in the World Cup, finished to four points, at best in ninth place.

According to Wisła and Ruka, the jumpers gather in Russia, in Nizhny Tagil, where the competition is limited. In Russia, there are no Poles preparing for the World Flying Championships in Planica (December 10-13), as are most of the Austria A national team, which has more patients with the new coronavirus.

Eisenbichler pitch, Johansson with a podium record

Markus Eisenbichler was well on his way to his third win this year but landed high on his back in the final.

Markus Eisenbichler was well on his way to his third win this year but landed high on his back in the final.
Photo: Sportida

After a half of the game in which many had difficult conditions, it seemed like there would be nothing new at the top. The season’s leading jumper for this match Markus Eisenbichler led by a massive 11 points advantage over Norway Halvorjem Egnerjem Granerudom and was on his way to his third win in a matter of weeks, but then in the final, where the wind changed direction, he backed away sharply. He landed shortly after taking off, at 80 meters, and took 28th place.

The second victory in his career went to Egner Granerud, who is the Austrian’s closest successor Daniela Huberja by almost 15 points. The Norwegian took the lead in the World Cup.

Robert Johansson jumped from 25th to third with a jumping record (142.5 m).

Robert Johansson jumped from 25th to third with a jumping record (142.5 m).
Photo: Sportida

His compatriot took care of an extraordinary feat Robert Johansson. In the final he jumped on the first place, taking 25th place and used the good conditions. It took him 142.5 meters, which is a record for a ski jump. After Eisenbichler’s defeat, he finally landed on the winning podium.

Halvor Egner Granerud put on the yellow jersey after the German game.

Halvor Egner Granerud put on the yellow jersey after the German game.
Photo: Sportida

Halvor Egner Granerud took the lead in the world championship classification on the German pitch. The Norwegian has 300 points, the second Eisenbichler 17 points less, the third Japanese Jukija Sato (163). The best Slovene is Lanišek in tenth place, followed by Pavlovčič.

Slovenian quartet for points

Points were scored by four Slovenes who did not impress the team. The most permanent protege, Gorazd Bertoncelj, took the highest place Anže Lanišekwho jumped from 13th place to the top ten in the final. A successful jump in the final Bora Pavlovčičwhich landed at 129 meters and went up from the 26th to the 13th.

– Not only solid, but two very good jumps. The first had an even smaller error and the second was technically very good. The conditions were tough, the game was tough, it was changing fast. It just didn’t work out. Tomorrow is a new day, a new chance for which we are fighting, ”Lanišek was pleased.

Anže Lanišek was the best Slovene in ninth place.

Anže Lanišek was the best Slovene in ninth place.
Photo: Sportida

Halfway through the game, the best Slovene was ninth Timi Zajc, but in poor conditions he missed his last jump, he fell back to 22nd place, finishing two places behind him Ziga Jelar.

Prevc and Semenič too short

They were too short for 34 points. Anže Semenič at 36. Peter Prevc. Tilen Bartol missed today as he was disqualified due to inadequate jersey in Friday’s qualifying.

“Anže Lanišek showed two very solid jumps in difficult conditions. Hence a very good result. We should also praise Bora, who jumped brilliantly in the final round and finished in the last 13th place. Timi was very solid in the first round, in the second he had no conditions, in order to stay in the top ten and even attack the top six, the rest of us are not satisfying, because they haven’t repeated the jumps from training in the last period ”- commented Bertoncelj’s performance in Slovenia.

On Sunday, the last match before the World Cup

On Sunday in Nižni Tagil, according to the schedule, from 16:00, another individual test will take place, before which there will be qualification with 51 competitors.

The first highlight of the season, the World Flying Championships, will take place after Sunday’s match, which will take place in Planica on December 10-13.

The Austrians fired the assistant

The Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung reports that the Austrian camp has fired former assistant coach Andreas Widhoelzl Robert Treitinger for failing to comply with all COVID-19 measures. It is quite possible that Treitinger is responsible for some positive tests among the Austrians, they do not know yet what team they will be playing with at the Summer World Championships in Planica on March 10-13. The performances of Stefan Kraft and Gregor Schlierenzauer are questioned.

Stefan Kraft


Will the world record holder stay without the World Cup in Planica?




Izidi, Ruka:

Halvor Egner Granerud (Nor) 270.0 points (132.5 / 132.0 m)
2. Daniel Huber (Avt) 255.7 (131.0 / 133.0)
3. Robert Johansson (Nor) 254.1 (120.5 / 142.5)
4. Thomas Lackner (Avt) 249.3 (128.5 / 131.0)
5. Pius Paschke (no) 241.6 (128.0 / 126.5)
6. Aleksander Zniszczol (Pol) 230.6 (131.0 / 122.0)
7. Yevgienij Klimow (Russian) 230.5 (132.0 / 120.5)
8. Yukiya Sato (Japan) 230.2 (127.5 / 124.0)
9. Anže Lanišek (Slo) 227.3 (125.0 / 123.0)
10. Markus Schiffner (Avt) 223.9 (124.0 / 123.0)

13. Bor Pavlovcic (Slo) 222.9 (119.0 / 129.0)
22. Timi Zajc (Slo) 211.7 (128.5 / 111.0)
24. Ziga Jelar (Slo) 201.4 (122.0 / 115.5)
28. Markus Eisenbichler (Nem) 183.6 (136.5 / 80.0)

34. Anže Semenič (Slo) 103.0 (123.5)
36. Peter Prevc (Slo) 101.0 (116.0)

World Cup, Total (4):

1. Halvor Egner Granerud (Nor) 300 toč
2. Markus Eisenbichler (Nem) 283
3. Yukiya Sato (Japanese) 163
4. Dawid Kubacki (Pol) 144
5. Karl Geiger (no.) 141
6. Daniel Huber (Avt) 140
. Saint Paul 140
8. Piotr Žyla (Pol) 133
9. Piur Paschke (Nem) 109
10. Anže Lanišek (Slo) 95
11. Bor Pavlovčič (Slo) 81

18. Ziga Jelar (Slo) 47
37. Timi Zajc (Slo) 17
40. Peter Prevc (Slo) 16
50. Anže Semenič (Slo) 7


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