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Our journalist Tadej Grešovnik is one of the winners of the Watch / Dogdog award

This year’s Naprej / Forward media festival ended with the Čuvaj / Watchdog professional awards for 2020. Jožica Grgič, Delo journalist, received a Lifetime Achievement Award for the development of Slovenian journalism. years, and journalist of the 24UR program Tadej Grešovnik.

Despite the difficult year for journalism and the media, in which editorial offices had to adapt to the crisis situation and work in the conditions of an epidemic, numerous proposals for qualitative journalistic awards prove that Slovenian journalism remained creative, responsible, professional and ethical. from the Slovenian Association of Journalists (DNS).

The annual readings of debutants are impressive, who despite savings in editorial offices that affect young employees the most, are able to find their place and voice and become key members of the editorial office. Unfortunately, only the most determined and insightful warn.

The jury of the Čuvaj / Watchdog 2020 competition gathered on November 18, 2020. The public representatives Dan Podjed, Boštjan Narat and Tina Lengar Verovnik as well as Nika Kunaver, Tjaša Škamperle, Ciril Horjak, Petra Lesjak Tušek and Gašper Završnik, representatives of the Slovenian Daily Association participated in the meeting. . On behalf of the jury dealing with journalistic photography, its chairman, Uroš Hočevar, took part in the meeting.

This year, just like last year, the jury chose from among nine candidates and chose a journalist from the independent portal Oštro. Katarino Bulatovićand our journalist Tadej Grešovnik.

“At work, he is distinguished by curiosity, understanding of complex content, translating extensive documents, reliability, and above all, ethics and courage. He is one of the most fearless editorial staff. He knows how to ask the right question at the right time. For example, he did not stop at the first (non-substantive) answer from the Minister of Economy Zdravko Počivalšek, mediated by the Minister of the Interior, Aleš Hojs, his questions even went to other TV sets, and was not stopped by pressure and threats. Slovenian elite of higher education. He has been young for years, but mature in words “ they explained.

“I will accept the award with enthusiasm, it is a great appreciation for the young journalist. I believe everyone would like it, I got it and I am proud of it. But it’s a sign that I’m obviously doing something right and I have to keep going at this pace“said Grešovnik.

Our journalist Tadej Grešovnik received his debut award.PHOTOS: POP TV

Jožica Grgič Lifetime Achievement Award for Slovenian journalism

Journalist Delo received the Lifetime Achievement Award for the development of Slovenian journalism Jožica Grgič. The facts are more sacred to her than the Pope, but she understands them broadly, the award jury wrote. In the four decades of his career, Grgič is one of the leading figures in Slovenian journalism. As the award jury emphasized, the range of topics and phenomena she dealt with is extremely wide – from seemingly banal everyday life to politics. Although she was relatively associated with religious communities, she is a universal journalist.

“If in 1985 she broke the taboo that prevented RKC dignitaries from entering public space, then several decades later she drew attention to the misogyny of influential and influential personalities.– wrote the jury. The facts are for Grgic “More holy than the Pope”and understands events and phenomena in a broad context. Even if something happens in Slovenia, the international framework adds to that.

“In commentary genres, she intertwined the understanding of facts with civic and journalistic courage. Her style of commentary is recognizable: deep, even harsh, but offensive. And if we’re in genres: her reportage is a story. story, “The jury sees Grgičeva’s journalistic work.

“Each award is an honor and recognition that your work has not only been noticed but also appreciated. Of course I am happy with the prize,Grgic said in response. “My faith in journalism and its social role as well as unwavering belonging to the profession have remained unwavering for over four decades, from my beginnings in the sports department of Delo in my student years to the last years, when the range of topics I wrote about was very wide,“she added.

She said about herself that she is interested in literally everything, which is why since she was a teenager she has been obsessed with printing and all other media, both classic and new.“I know that young people are probably the best informed on social networks, but the role of journalists still seems extremely important to me, they are critical observers of society, politics, correcting them, even in autocratic societies that degrade them and seek vile attitudes. silence them,she warned.

According to Grgičeva, journalists, deep down, never gave up on filmmaking times and never gave up.“We see the invaluable role of serious journalism both in the world and at home – when bureaucratic and political or personal government mechanisms fail, journalists are often the ones who manage to get things right. That’s why I absolutely believe in professional and critical journalism. , already on any platform– she noticed.

Outstanding achievements and journalistic photography

In the category of Outstanding Achievement this year, a number of well-done proposals from entire editorial offices have been distinguished, which had to adapt to the challenges of reporting in a pandemic situation, and which did a great job. However, the jury decided not to award the editorial office because virtually all editorial offices worked well and reliably, which was also appreciated by the audience, DNS reported.

They received awards for outstanding journalistic achievements for 2020Spela Kuralt (Job),Zarja Muršič (Radio Student), Janko Petrovec (TV Slovenia) i Boštjan Videmšek. They were awarded for outstanding achievements in journalistic photography Gašper Lešnik for one photo and Voranc Vogel(Work) for reportage. The Vala 202 jury (Radio Slovenia) received praise from the jury for outstanding journalistic achievements and praise in the field of journalistic photography. Robert Balen (Evening), Voranc Vogel(Work in Matjaž Rušt for reportage.

The Journalists’ Awards of the Slovenian Association of Journalists, which has almost 900 members, are awards in the field of journalism in Slovenia, awarded by the journalists community.

This year, the jury received nine proposals for awards for the achievements of young journalists and 27 proposals for awards for outstanding journalistic achievements within the set deadline. She received eight nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Award for the development of Slovenian journalism. Among the journalists proposed were many who were not members of DNS. The jury selecting the winners for outstanding achievements in journalistic photography received 40 individual photos of eight authors and 15 photo series of ten authors.

This year’s Naprej / Forward festival, which started on Monday, was the ninth in a row and was held virtually due to an epidemic, with an emphasis on talk shows and interviews. The program once again presented selected examples from global media practice, the latest trends and new knowledge that Slovenian media needs to offer high-quality, publicly available and credible content.

By selecting a set of topics, DNS responds to current events in the national media space. The festival’s partners were Radiotelevizija Slovenija, Slovenska tiskovna agencija, POP TV and Zavod Vž Today’s award ceremony was also held virtually.

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