The winners were won by Maribor, the next winner is Ljubljana #photo


A week before martin, young Styrian wines wander around Slovenia.

This coming Sunday will be a martin or "new Styrian year", as some of the most joyous holidays in Slovenia say. Although St. Marcin had to change the wine into wine, the truth is a bit different, and many winemakers have already made the first results of this year's harvest. In addition, in Styria, they created a successful brand of young wine – Pubec.

Pubec 2018

Photo: Mediaspeed

Pubeki, more or less young Styrian winemakers and winemakers, presented their collections this year in the traditional Pubec showroom in Maribor, this year, and in the fourth, and on Wednesday they will be rehearsal in Ljubljana.

Who is Pubic 2018?

This year, the project combines a diverse group of winemakers, among which there are the largest wine cellars, as well as small family vineyards. Public parties in 2018 include the cultivation of cvitanic vineyards, Emino wine cellar, wine falot, wine farm, Frešer wine region, Vino greif vineyards, Hafner vineyards, Horvat wineries, Jamnikom wine, Jarno wine cellar, Puklavec family wines, Joannes wine, Kolar wine, Vino Kotolenko, Wine Leber , Maribor University – Department of Agriculture and Biosystems – Meranovo, Mulec, Vino Pungračič, Radgonske gorice, Rigo Vino, Steyer wine, Vina Toplak and Vino Valdhuber.

Pubec 2018

Photo: Mediaspeed

Wine, this faithful Styrian audience did not fail this year and thoroughly checked the new year of wine, and among the crowd of guests there were several Maribor candidates for the mayor. Finally, it is clear that the reins of the city with the oldest vine should not be kept by a man whose wine is not close to him.

Maribor candidate mayors between Pubec: Franc Kangler and the current mayor Andrej Fištravec ...

Maribor candidate mayors between Pubec: Franc Kangler and the current mayor Andrej Fištravec …
Photo: Mediaspeed

... and Lidija Divjak Mirnik and Saša Arsenovič.

… and Lidija Divjak Mirnik and Saša Arsenovič.
Photo: Mediaspeed

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