A mystical object can be made by aliens


Has our solar system been visited by an alien civilization? Yes, maybe we have, means scientists. This strange object Oumuamua flashed past the ground last year, which is now carefully analyzed.

And no, there are no madmen on UFOs in the basement of parents and watching thin clips from YouTube & # 39; that made such a request. These are researchers Shmuel White and Abraham Loeb in Harvard's astrophysical institution, who wrote the report, published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters.

"Oumuamua can be a fully functional probe sent to earth from the flirtation of an extraterrestrial civilization," according to CNN researchers.

The reason why scientists think that this is possible is the shape of the object and that Oumuamua has increased the speed of travel through the solar system. Researchers do not exclude that the object is any vehicle – and powered by solar energy.

Harvard scientists also believe that there is a chance that the object is actually made of aliens – but it does not work anymore.


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