Alarm on the Mölnlycke – a large polar set


The alarm arrived on Saturday evening at 21.21.

It becomes clear when it comes to writing an incident, but at midnight the police say they have been shot by a gun and several people. Police action is taking place at midnight.

P4 Göteborg states that several people were hospitalized, saying there were about three or five people.

The SOS alert reinforces the task. People must be located in two different addresses that are geographically close to each other.

Five people in hospital

– Police case. The problem is that we have two issues, two separate titles, but not far from each other, "says Ola Nilsson, Head of SOS Alarm, and continues:

– In one case, he says there are three people and the other two. But no matter the same event.

According to information, police officers control the passers-by in the neighborhood GP. The police report to the newspaper that they have seized a car.

The text is updated.


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